The Morning trade {10th June, 2020}

After a gap of an entire week, we are back with a new post. There were many trades that were recorded in between, the rationale behind them was explained to our students through lectures however it was left to be posted in the form of a blog. Today's live fresh trade is being posted within an hour of taking it.

It began with a minor gap up in nifty of around 0.5%. The fall in the last trading session had created a bearish doubt in traders' minds. Considering the position of Nifty Energy, it is near a support which it was yet to reach at 13741. Bank Nifty hit its support of 20743 and showed an inability of falling further.

Bank Nifty showed more of a bullish tendency than Nifty itself. Thus Bank Nifty Call Options were selected.

Above is an image of a Heromotocop first 15 min candle. A simple strategy was used. Clearly an Open=High indication. More about this trade coming up in the further posts. For now, Enjoy the video of both trades and experience the price difference captured within 15 minutes!

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