I hereby declare that:

  1. Stock Market is subject to risks and uncertainty. The course does not guarantee any investment or return assurance of any sort.

  2. Course duration and time has been mentioned in the pamphlet and will be confirmed once the payment is completed. Course will be conducted live in an online mode on an application the details of which will be communicated at the inception of the course. Every session will have a separated time allocated to solve doubts & queries.

  3. The chosen course does not give an assurance of income of any kind nor does it solicit any personal information relating to id or password of any of the students' accounts.

  4. The profit or loss arising out of my trades is my own responsibility.  By accepting the terms and conditions, I hereby declare that I have complete knowledge of the risks involved in trading/investing in any equity/commodity/derivative instruments that I will be getting involved in.

  5. The course has been designed for educational purpose only. It does not provide an investment advise or trading tips of any kind.

  6. I am learning this course for myself on my own. I take full responsibilty for any kind of return whether positive/negative out of the trades taken after or during the course and shall never hold the course or the tutor responsible for the same.

  7. Course fee shall not be refunded on any condition after the date of completion of the course.

  8. Payment of fees shall be construed as acceptance of all the conditions above.

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